Three Recent Sales in Wailea

33 Ualei Place

Wailea has some of the most beautiful homes in the world. From oceanfront condos to tropical mansions, it’s easy to see why living here is like living in paradise. Take a look at some of the most recently sold and most luxurious Wailea homes.

4950 makena road4950 Makena Road is a 4 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom houses located in Makena Place. Directly overlooking the coastline, this house opens with a 30 foot grand foyer entrance, and doesn’t get any less luxurious from there. Huge windows and doors let in an abundance of natural light. Outside, a private tennis court and a pool/spa duo are perfect for working out during the day or watching the sun go down over the ocean at night. This lovely home ultimately sold for $9,300,000.


4690 S MAKENA RDNearby, 4690 S Makena Road sold for 8,200,000. At 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, 4690 was somewhat smaller but still lovely, with the beach outside and elegant touches inside. Built in 1989, this home underwent careful renovation before selling, and ultimately offered a 1,362 foot lanai with a breathtaking piece of the Pacific Ocean just a few feet away.
33 Ualei Place

33 Ualei Place, located inside the exclusive One Palau’ea Bay, sold for over a million below its list price, eventually being purchased for $8,150,000.  This lovely home is just across the street from the ocean and features a spectacular infinity pool that catches an unbelievable sunset. With 3 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, 33 Ualei Place offered 4,070 square feet of living space inside, and outside, a private shower, garden, and an acre of lush, tropical privacy.

These homes are already off the market, but your dream home is still out there. Contact me to start the search for your slice of Waile.

Increase in Wailea

Wailea real estate is seeing an increase in value.

Wailea real estate is seeing an increase in value.2013 is coming to an end, and in Wailea, the change is dramatic. No, there’s no snow to hail in Christmas, and the city is just as beautiful as ever. But as we approach the end of the year, we can look back to where Wailea’s market was this time in 2012 and see a startling difference.

Wailea was affected by the downturn in the real estate market in the past years as much as anywhere else. Home prices dipped when the market got unsteady, and are just now climbing back up to their feet. The affect of the economy’s improvement is noticable in 2013.

Number of Sales

Wailea saw great market improvement in several areas this year. 2013 saw a 13% increase in number of sales over 2012. More homes and condos were sold in the Wailea/Makena area than in Kapalua, tying Wailea/Makena with south Maui’s huge neighborhood of Maui Meadows.

Cost of HomesNever miss out on Wailea real estate again with Property Watch Emails.

Average sales prices began to rise, with a 68% increase over 2012. The average Wailea sale now lingers in the 3 million dollar range, making it the second most costly region in Maui in 2013, second only to Kapalua. That cost is tied directly to the luxury and beauty that Wailea is known for.

Good News for Buyers

With home prices returning to normal, this is a great time for buyers. Many sellers who may have kept their home off the market when prices dropped are now considering selling, which means luxury homes are available today.

2014 is fast approaching, and it’s possible that it will continue to offer increase for Wailea. Moving to Maui is easier than you think, and better than you can imagine. Contact me to get started finding your dream home today.

Holidays in Hawaii

The holidays in Hawaii are beautiful.
The holidays in Hawaii are beautiful.

Photo courtesy of gabesk.

The holidays are different in Hawaii.

For some, Hawaii is a destination for the summer time, when beaches and sufboards call. But for others, Hawaii means an escape from cold winters, snowbanks, and skiing, and that means you may find yourself on the islands during Thanksgiving or Christmas.If you’ve never been to the islands for the holidays, here’s what you can expect.

Thanksgiving in Maui

Just like on the mainland, every family has different traditions. Some families will celebrate with a small group; others will have a family reunion with a hundred people. Some families will eat turkey and stuffing while othes will opt for poke and kaluhia pork.

There may be some distinctions between Maui and the mainland, though. Maui’s island air gets into everything we do, so you may find some unique dishes being served, whether you’re at a friend’s home or a restaurant. You may also eat you meals outside on a lanai watching the sun set instead of in front of a roaring fireplace. Just like the mainland, many Hawaiians get up in the early hours to go shopping on Black Friday.


Mele Kalikimaka! That’s Hawaiian for Merry Christmas. As I wrote in my blog last year, Christmas in Hawaii is a little different.
Maui gets chilly in the winter, but our chilly is some place’s summer – you can expect to shiver in the 80 degree range through November, and potentially get down to the 70s in December. As a result, chestnuts roasting on an open fire and Jack Frost nipping at your nose is substituted for indoor/outdoor dinners, fire pits, and fresh roasted pork.

The biggest distinction with holidays in Hawaii is that there’s a good chance you’ll visit the beach during them. You might be wearing board shorts and a tshirt, and you may see Santa Claus arrive in a canoe, but ultimately the holidays are about the ones you love, and no matter what island you’re on, that never changes.