Friends and Links

Maui is all about community. There are some amazing people who live on this island, and I know they’ll do right by you. Take a look at my list of partners and friends. Everyone on this list comes personally recommended by me, and I hope that if you need anything they can give you, you’ll ¬†chose them first.

Maui Blogging Community

A Maui Blog by Liza Pierce – Liza Pierce is one of Maui’s top bloggers. She has humor and insight into almost every aspect of Maui life, and has been a big encouragement to me in getting involved with social media. Go ahead and talk story with her.

Maui Canoe Club – Canoe paddling is a big part of Maui’s culture and Maui Canoe Club is one of the more relaxed clubs. If you’re interested in testing the waters or just want to read about Hawaiian culture, this is a great blog to check out.

Friends in the Maui Community

Flying Lessons – One of my top hobbies is flying. Whether you already have your license or are considering taking your first flight, Maui Aviators is a great school and rental operation. They’re ready to handle beginners and the experienced alike.

Pilates Maui – With over 30 years of Pilates experience and classes 7 days a week, Pilates Maui is a great studio. I’ve known the owner Candice for well over a decade, and how passionate she is about helping people get fit and get happy.

Maui Beach Yoga – You can go a lot of things on a beach, but yoga has to be among the most relaxing and rewarding. Check out this website for yoga lesson right on our sandy shores.

Wailea Golf Club – One of Wailea’s finest qualities is its golf courses. This is the official site of the Wailea Old Blue, Emerald, and Gold courses. I’m a big fan of Old Blue myself, but I think you’ll find that all Wailea golf courses are up to the job.

Surfing Lessons – Maui Beach Boys is a locally owned and operated surf school. Learning to surf on Maui is a little bit like coffee in Seattle – you’ve just got to try it! If you’re ready to get¬†adventurous, Maui Beach Boys is safe, exciting, and a great starting point.